Below we outline the process to apply an SSL Certificate to a Qlik Sense server. This is requires prior knowledge of server operating system basics and admin rights.

1. Launch the MMC

2. When the MMC opens go to File|Add/Remove Snap-in. 

3. Click on the Certificates snap-in on the left side list box and click the add button. 

4. Choose Computer account and click Next.

5. Leave Local computer selected and click Finish. 

6. Click OK to go back to the MMC. 

7. The Local computer certificate store opens Right click on the Personal folder and choose Import.

8. Because we have specified the location to import a certificate, the store location choice is greyed out. Click Next.

9. Browse to the location of the certificate containing private key (the pfx file) and click Next. 

10. Enter the password set during certificate merge process.

11. Prompted with the Certificate store to place the certificate, make sure the radio button is highlighted for Place all cert... and the store is Personal. Click Next.

12. Click Finish and the certificate will be imported. 

13. Double click on the imported certificate and choose details.

14. Navigate down the list and click on Thumbprint.

15. Copy the thumbprint with spaces from the textbox. 

16. Browse to the Qlik Sense QMC. 

17. Click on the Proxies menu item.

18. Choose the appropriate proxy to input the thumbprint to use the 3rd party certificate. Click edit to open the proxy settings. 

19. Click on the security option and enter the thumbprint (with spaces) in the textbox. Click Apply. The QMC will ask to restart. Please click the Restart QMC button. You may be required to refresh the browser as well.